Control panels

The device provides intuitive operation of zones with LED lighting in a commercial premises or apartment. The touch screen makes it easy to select animated effects, colors and remember settings in 24 zones. Works with regular and digital LED strips.

Control panels

LED strip controllers

Elegant controllers allow you to control regular and digital LED strips. They can be controlled using a remote control, an application or a skylight with a touch screen. They allow for the operation of many zones and connect with each other via radio, illuminating large spaces. We offer models with a microphone, memory card and audio input – in this version, the built-in processor separates the music into bass, midrange and treble, synchronizing the effects with the music.

Radio controllers

DMX controllers

DALI controllers

Network controllers

Stair/corridor controllers

Matrix controllers

Sequential controllers

Analog LED strip controllers

Converters, gates and more

The offer also includes controllers for stage systems – Art-Net gates and digital tape controllers with DMX support. Elegant converters allow you to control digital LED pixels via a DMX signal.

Proximity sensors

Proximity switches

Wi-Fi bridges

Art-Net nodes

Other products